The AGILITY attribute describes your character's ability duck, weave, tumble, bend, flex, hop, and evade. A higher AGILITY translates into more fluidity when fighting, better reflexes, and typically all around better movement skills.

Check the Character Creation guides for your engine of choice to decide how to set this attribute for your character.


d10 SPECIAL is designed to be very simple.

In the d10 SPECIAL engine, your AGILITY defines your ability to go through an intricate series of movements, your ability to balance, and your ability to dodge (Reflexes).

When using your agility to move or reflex dodge:

Roll Effect
< AGILITY You complete the movement and/or dodge
= AGILITY You complete the movement, but nearly didn't make it. Roll a Luck save to decide if you take a +1 modifier on your next roll. If dodging, take 1/4 damage, rounded down, but no less than 1 HP.
> ENDURANCE You fail to complete the move. Take a Luck save to see if you can try again. If dodging, take full damage.
Natural 1 You complete your movement with grace and agility. Take a -1 modifier on your next roll.
Natural 10 You fail miserably in your movement. Take a +2 penalty on your next roll. If dodging, Take a Luck save. If you pass, take full damage. If you fail, take 150% damage.


The d20 SPECIAL is designed to be more rigerious and nuanced than the d10 SPECIAL engine.

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Core skills that use "Perception" as the key stat

Skill Name Description
Climb Useful when you need to move over a surface that doesn't support regular walking.
Escape Getting out of straightjackets, ropes, handcuffs, and coffins suspended over pools of acid filled with sharks and spikes.
Legerdemain Lying with objects. Ability to use slight-of-hand. Can be used as a performance, like Entertain, but only on small groups.
Ropes Handiness when tying ropes and utilizing ropes for rigging, grappling hooks, etc.
Small Arms Ability to use Small Class ranged weapons
Sneak Ability to move silently and use available camouflage and lighting to your advantage.
Tumble Rolling past an enemy. Can be used to entertain.
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