The CHARISMA attribute describes your character's ability to convince other characters to believe you, to follow you, to do as you say. CHARISMA can be used to persuade, encourage, misdirect, and outright lie.

Check the Character Creation guides for your engine of choice to decide how to set this attribute for your character.


d10 SPECIAL is designed to be very simple.

In the d10 SPECIAL engine, your CHARISMA score is used whenever you have a meaningful conversation with a game object, and attempt to persuade, encourage, admonish, lie to, etc, any other game object.

Whenever you attempt to use your CHARISMA, roll a d10:

Roll Effect
< CHARISMA The game object is impressed and agrees to your statement
= CHARISMA The game object has come to see your side, but is not impressed
> CHARISMA You fail to impress the game object, who does not heed you
Natural 1 The game object is dazzled by your speaking ability and pure charisma. A game object can be convinced to go against their nature, as long as the request is not too outrageous.
Natural 10 Two words: Negative Reprocussions. You utterly failed to sway the game object.

NOTE: These rolls only count when trying to impress a normal character, or to encourage a character to side with you, but in general a game object (such as an enemy commander) is less likely to be simply dazzled by your logic. If you are attempting to convince a character to go against their natural course, take a +2 penalty to your roll (unless the roll is a Natural 10, whereupon follow the Natural 10 rules to an even stronger level).

Contrariwise, if you use your CHARISMA against a spectacularly suggestable game object (such as a greedy guard), take a -1 bonus on your roll.

In no way can this ability be used to make a game object harm itself: you can't convince a guard to hurl himself into the whirling blades of death, but you may be able to convince him to turn off the blades.

Special Effect: Encouraging others

As a full turn action, within earshot of another character or game object, you can roll a CHARISMA check and, if you pass, you give a -1 bonus to the character's or game object's next roll. Encouragement stacks, so multiple characters can attempt to encourage a character or game object.


The d20 SPECIAL is designed to be more rigerious and nuanced than the d10 SPECIAL engine.

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Core skills that use "Perception" as the key stat

Skill Name Description
Disguise Useful for when you want people to believe you are somebody else.
Entertain* Your ability to raise spirits, in the morale sense.
Gather Intel Ability to gather information and intelligence about areas and people from documents and testimony.
Lying* Any kind of "lying" or tricking activity. Also useful for discerning if the other party is lying.
Speech All speaking skills where you are not trying to Bluff, such as diplomacy.

Skills marked with an asterisk mean that this skill is actually comprised of multiple specilized skills. For example, Craft (Guns) and Lying (Congressional Style). Actual "subskills" are defined in a game's Scenario Guide, as they are informed by the specific game universe (such as Craft (Electronics)).

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