The ENDURANCE attribute describes your character's ability to expend themselves over a period of time, their ability to survive poisons and disease, and, along with STRENGTH, define your HP.

Check the Character Creation guides for your engine of choice to decide how to set this attribute for your character.


d10 SPECIAL is designed to be very simple.

In the d10 SPECIAL engine, your ENDURANCE attribute controls your HP, and your ability to do strenuous tasks, such as running and wrestling, and your ability to fight off the effects of disease and poison (or any other effect that saps your strength).

Your HP is calculated using this formula (it's easy):

HP = Strength x ENDURANCE

When planning to do a strenuous exercise, or when checking against poison and diseaseā€¦

Roll Effect
< ENDURANCE You are able to continue the task, you survive the current bout of poison/disease
= ENDURANCE You continue the task but are exhausted; you take no damage from poison/disease but are worn down (take a -1 modifier to your ENDURANCE the next round)
> ENDURANCE You "fall back" in completing your task; you take poison/disease damage against your HP (take a -1 modifier to your ENDURANCE the next round)
Natural 1 You get a second wind, complete the task and take a +1 modifier to your next check; you stabilize your poisoned/disease condition and take no more damage from it (unless you roll a Natural 10 on any other check)
Natural 10 You "fall back" in completing your task; you take double damage from disease/poison (take a -2 modifier to your ENDURANCE the next round)

Note that the ENDURANCE modifiers are cumulative!

Once you complete a task, or are cured of the disease or poison, all modifiers are cleared. Your endurance can never go lower than 1 or higher than 9.

An ENDURANCE check should take place every "10 ingame minutes".

If one character is flat out chasing another, replace the repetitive checks with an Opposed Check: Both sides roll 1d10, add the result to their ENDURANCE stat, and the winner wins.


The d20 SPECIAL is designed to be more rigerious and nuanced than the d10 SPECIAL engine.

to be continued

Core skills that use "Endurance" as the key stat

Skill Name Description
Swim Ability to navigate fluids when you have to actively keep yourself buoyant.
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