LUCK is a slightly different stat than the other 6. It has different effects depending on the Arbitration Engine chosen.

Check the Character Creation guides for your engine of choice to decide how to set this attribute for your character.


d10 SPECIAL is designed to be very simple.

Luck acts differently than the other 6 stats. There are two types of rolls you can do with LUCK:

  • The LUCK Check, to see if you add or remove effects based on luck. Use 1d10.
  • The LUCK Modifier, to see if your character is lucky on a check against the other 6 stats. Use 1d20.

The LUCK Modifier is the only type of check in d10 SPECIAL that uses a d20.

LUCK Modifier

When making any check for any stat, roll 1d10 and 1d20. The 1d10 applies to your stat check. The 1d20 decides on any modifiers for your check:

Roll Effect
<= LUCK You are lucky! -2 bonus on your 1d10 roll
> ENDURANCE Nothing happens
Natural 1 You are extremely lucky! Treat your 1d10 roll as a Natural 1
Natural 20 You're extremely unlucky! Treat your 1d10 roll as a Natural 10, and take a +1 penalty on your next ability roll for the same task

The die that lands with your 1d10 must be applied as luck towards that roll. It may not be used as the LUCK Check for that roll.

LUCK Check

Occasionally, as a consequence of another stat check, you will need to make a LUCK Check. Roll a new 1d10:

Roll Effect
<= LUCK You were lucky!
> LUCK You are unlucky!

"Natural 1" and "Natural 10" do not have any effects during a LUCK check. It's simply greater than, less than, or equal.


The d20 SPECIAL is designed to be more rigerious and nuanced than the d10 SPECIAL engine.

to be continued

No core skills use the Luck stat

Skill Name Description
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