The PERCEPTION attribute describes your character's ability to sense the environment and make sense of it. It's more of a "subliminal" realization of the environment, as you can react to a fire before you actually realize it's a fire. This is your character's ability to glance and identify game objects.

Check the Character Creation guides for your engine of choice to decide how to set this attribute for your character.


d10 SPECIAL is designed to be very simple.

In the d10 SPECIAL system, PERCEPTION is used to decide if you sense (spot, hear, feel, etc) a game object. It's used for "spot checks" as well as physically searching something. Searching something with a piece of technology depends on the Intelligence stat.

Roll Effect
< PERCEPTION You saw something, or found what you were looking for
= PERCEPTION You got a vague impression of something, or a feeling that you are close to something looked for
> PERCEPTION You fail to notice something
Natural 1 You not only notice something, but identify it. Perhaps you find something extra.
Natural 10 You not only fail to notice anything, but will be surprised by anything you failed to notice

The actual effect and definition of the above terms is dependent on the gamemaster.


The d20 SPECIAL is designed to be more rigerious and nuanced than the d10 SPECIAL engine.

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Core skills that use "Perception" as the key stat

Skill Name Description
Forgery Lying on paper.
Listen Pay attention to the noises of your environment.
Search Ability to physically scan an environment, while looking for something.
Spot The ability to see something while not actively looking for it (compare with Search).
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