The STRENGTH attribute describes the physical prowess of your character. It can define the amount your character can carry, and, along with ENDURANCE, define your HP. It's also integral in calculating damage and ability when using melee attacks, depending on the Arbitration Engine chosen.

Check the Character Creation guides for your engine of choice to decide how to set this attribute for your character.


d10 SPECIAL is designed to be very simple.

In the d10 SPECIAL engine, your strength attribute controls your HP, and your ability to lift, drag, tow, and melee damage game objects.

Your HP is calculated using this formula (it's easy):

HP = STRENGTH x Endurance

When doing an action that requires strength, you roll 1d10 and compare it to your STRENGTH score. If…

Roll Effect
< STRENGTH Your action is successful
= STRENGTH Your action is barely successful
> STRENGTH Your action failed
Natural 1 Your action succeeds spectacularly
Natural 10 Your action fails miserably

The actual definition of "successful", "failed", "succeeds spectacularly", and "fails miserably" depends on your current gamemaster.


The d20 SPECIAL is designed to be more rigerious and nuanced than the d10 SPECIAL engine.

to be continued

Core skills that use "Strength" as the key stat

Skill Name Description
Big Arms Ability to use Big Class ranged weapons
Intimidation Giving NPC's offers they can't refuse
Jump Clearing obstacles by jumping.
Melee Fighting Ability to fight without weapons or with a short range "whacking" weapon
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